Monday, January 25, 2010

Sun is a Brand, Oracle is Our Company.

Sun is a Brand, Oracle is Our Company.

The Sun CEO Jon Schwartz dropped a note to the employees of Sun Microsystems. The full text can be found in this article, but this quotation is perhaps the core message:
There is no doubt in my mind you, and Oracle, will be remarkably successful, beyond the market’s wildest expectations. But it’s important you come to work thinking, “Sun is a brand, Oracle’s my company.” Don’t look for ways to preserve or dwell in “how we used to do things.” Look for ways to help customers, grow the market, and improve Oracle’s performance.

Sun is a brand, Oracle is your company.

Of course, for customers, Open Source developers, Open Standards collaborators, and Open Systems endorsers - the message is somewhat different... the message is what I titled this published blog article:

Sun is a Brand, Oracle is Our Company.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Using iPhone Video With Proprietary PC's

Using iPhone Video With Proprietary PC's

Some people may ask why someone would need a video recorder on their phone?

Well, this 1st generation iPhone with a video app saved the day!

When trying to load AMD/Intel Solaris 10 on a proprietary PC platform, sometimes the key sequence to break into the BIOS flashes by too quickly to read.

Without having a standard keystroke, as is available with OpenFirmware on a real computing platform, it is sometimes very difficult to see what keys need to be pressed, as it flashes by on the screen, during the boot.

Well, with a little video recording action and slow motion playback - it is a breeze to see the details!